Driving innovation in payments and compliance for over 20 years

Who are we?

Pelican provides banks and corporates with solutions that enhance, streamline and secure the payments life-cycle. With over twenty years of expertise in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence technology to payments and compliance, Pelican delivers outstanding efficiency benefits and cost savings to its customers in over 55 countries. To date, Pelican has processed more than one billion transactions worth over US$5 trillion. Pelican is a global company with offices in New York, London, Dubai and Mumbai.

How we can help you

Pelican injects a unique blend of three disciplines of Artificial Intelligence into compliance and the end-to-end payments life cycle and applies intelligent, human-like logic to every transaction.

By drastically reducing the need for human intervention and understanding every transaction, Pelican enables Banks and Corporates to achieve Intelligent Payments Management, which enables outstanding cost reduction, lower risk and new opportunities for increased profitability.

The new Pelican - Simply Intelligent brand better reflects our new position in the industry as the firm pioneering the adoption of Artificial Intelligence solutions across the financial services and corporate sectors. ACE Software Solutions still remains the commercial legal entity of the company and we are still providing innovative business solutions underpinned by outstanding levels of customer service.

What is Intelligent Payments Management?

Intelligent Payments Management (IPM) is the achievement of outstanding levels of efficiency for Banks and Corporates.

Pelican enables IPM through the application of leading edge Artificial Intelligence into the end-to-end payments and compliance life cycles. This can drastically reduce costs, lower risk and create new business development opportunities for increased profitability.

Watch Pelican CEO & Founder, Parth Desai, discuss the findings of the Finextra report “AI in payments: The last mile in efficiency”

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