Fraud Prevention
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Advanced Fraud Detection & Prevention

Through the application of truly intelligent technology, the PelicanSecure Fraud Prevention solution keeps banks one-step ahead of the growing global threat of payments fraud. It actively and intelligently monitors, analyses, detects and prevents attempted fraud breaches.

Enhanced Protection | How Learning Technology can detect tomorrow’s emerging threats

Active Learning Capabilities

Looks beyond yesterday’s attack patterns to learn and spot future anomaly threats

Adaptive Protective Posture

Machine Learning enables adaptation of behaviour to guard against emerging threats

PelicanSecure Complete Protection

Modular part of complete fraud, AML and sanctions screening solution

Advanced Fraud Prevention for SWIFT, RTGS and Wire Payments

As a certified official SWIFT solutions provider with over twenty-years of experience in payments, SWIFT and correspondent banking, Pelican boasts unparalleled domain knowledge from both a processing and compliance perspective. Designed specifically to cater for SWIFT, the PelicanSecure Fraud Prevention solution is equally effective across all source systems, payment types and networks, whether Funds Transfer, Wire/High Value, ACH, Mobile or Real-Time. Being format agnostic, the active Fraud monitoring is also not reliant on SWIFT messages.

Solution Benefits | How PelicanSecure keeps you safe

Near Zero False Positive Rates

Existing PelicanSecure users have seen their FPR slashed

Very High Throughput Capabilities

Fraud solution accommodates large volumes and real-time schemes

SWIFT Expertise & Domain Knowledge

Protection from a SWIFT certified solutions provider with 20 years experience

PelicanSecure Fraud Protection

  • Machine Learning enables evolution of understanding and pattern analysis to keep one step ahead of fraud
  • Built specifically to meet the challenge of SWIFT payments fraud using our pedigree in AI’
  • Prevent Fraud before it occurs with advanced anomaly detection capabilities
  • Works in harmony with existing systems and processes.
  • Flexible deployment, available as either on-premise solution or hosted cloud service
  • Productivity Boost, with enriched intelligent reporting and structured work-flow able to reduce review times by over 80%
  • Improve efficiency with significantly reduced false positives lowering intervention time and costs
  • Format agnostic, not reliant on SWIFT messages providing comprehensive protection