Fraud Prevention
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Advanced TBML Detection Capabilities

Unstructured trade Instruments such as Bills of Exchange and Letters of Credit require high levels of manual scrutiny and intervention that are error prone, costly and inefficient. Leveraging over two decades of expertise in the practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) disciplines, PelicanSecure utilises Natural Language Processing (NLP) to secure your trade business.

Enhanced Protection | Providing the highest possible levels of TBML detection

TBML Intelligence

Ability to interpret free form text data across multiple trade documents

Comprehensive Protection

Checks against high-risk countries, dual-use goods, under/over invoicing, etc

Complete transaction monitoring

Incorporates data inconsistency analysis, vessel screening and third-party scanning

Efficient TBML Detection Solution

With Pelican’s TBML Detection solution all elements of the trade transaction cycle are integrated and analysed, providing comprehensive end-to-end security and compliance. The need for extensive manual intervention is removed, and false positive rates significantly reduced.

Solution Benefits | How Pelican’s TBML Detection Solution protects your trade and reputation

Reduce cost

Dramatic reduction in your TBML detection costs

Regulatory Compliance

Meet your TBML compliance obligations quickly and efficiently

Increase Efficiency

Reduced need for costly and inefficient manual intervention

PelicanSecure TBML Detection

  • Covers all trade instruments, such as Bills of Exchange, Letter of Credit, SWIFT MT7xx
  • Compares free-form data across the entire trade transaction
  • Low FPR & low rejections
  • Provides complete transaction cycle monitoring for TBML & Fraud detection
  • Checks against high-risk countries, dual-use goods, under/over invoicing, high-risk items, commodity pricing, document comparison anomalies
  • Built specifically to meet the challenges of TBML using our pedigree in AI